Division of Responsibilities

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God has designed the Church for everybody to have a part (Eph. 4:16). One of the benefits of a board, committee, or ministry team is that you have a group of people to not only provide input but also to shoulder the responsibilities.

Criteria for Dividing Responsibilities:

You can use a variety of criteria for who does what. The key is to guard against the same people doing most of the work most of the time.

Record of Division of Responsibilities:

You don’t necessarily have to have traditional minutes for every type of meeting but you should have some kind of record or check list of action steps to be taken and who was assigned the various responsibilities. This will help prevent misunderstandings and provide a level of accountability.

In today’s world with access to apps and online calendars, this type of record can be instantly made available to all. If done on paper, try to distribute it as soon after the meeting as possible.

Following up on Assignments:

Once responsibilities are divided up among members of the team, you want to ensure that the work is getting completed by the deadlines. How can you set people up for success in doing their part without micromanaging them? Extend trust yet accountability.

If you work together to establish a process for both the division of responsibilities and the means of following-up, people will tend to be more likely to cooperate and follow through on doing their part. Reminders and requests for feedback won’t be an intrusion but an agreed upon process.

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  1. As a Church Trustee, I am in need of this information provided by you site. Thank you for sharing.
    Helen Mayfield, Trustee

    • You are most welcome. I praise God you found the site and are finding information on it to be helpful. May God continue to give you great wisdom and understanding as He uses you in His Church.

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