Division of Responsibilities

To get the greatest benefit from this practicum, make sure you have read related training on the site. Click below to read about Body Life:

God has designed the Church for everybody to have a part (Eph. 4:16). One of the benefits of a board, committee, or ministry team is that you have a group of people to not only provide input but also to shoulder the responsibilities.

Criteria for Dividing Responsibilities:

You can use a variety of criteria for who does what. The key is to guard against the same people doing most of the work most of the time.

In addition to what you read on this page, the Steering the Church Toward Body Life Leadership Guide adds some brief thoughts on keeping record of the responsibilities you’ve divided out and following up on these assignments.

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  1. As a Church Trustee, I am in need of this information provided by you site. Thank you for sharing.
    Helen Mayfield, Trustee

    • You are most welcome. I praise God you found the site and are finding information on it to be helpful. May God continue to give you great wisdom and understanding as He uses you in His Church.

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