Healthy Church Boards Exercise Body Life

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Healthy Church Boards, Committees, Ministry Teams

Whether you call a group that meets together for strategizing and steering ministry a board, committee, or team, the key is that the group is healthy. A healthy group will not only know and align with its purpose for existence but also function according to God’s design for the Church — Body Life. A dysfunctional group, or unhealthy board, committee or ministry team, is one that does not follow Body Life principles. Healthy church boards live out the “one another” commands of Scripture.

Traits in Healthy versus Unhealthy Boards, Committees, and Ministry Teams

For each of the set of traits that follow, the first will be the healthy side, following God’s Body Life objective, whereas the second trait will be the unhealthy, dysfunctional side.

  • interdependence  versus  dependence
  • safety  versus  insecurity
  • consensus  versus  compliance
  • trust  versus  mistrust

Examine the church boards, committees, or ministry teams of which you are a part. Which side most characterizes the way you function? Is it healthy versus dysfunctional? What steps can you take to move from unhealthy to healthy?

Learn what Body Life objectives, with related Scripture, affect the traits listed on this page in the Steering the Church Toward Body Life Leadership Guide.

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