Spiritual Gifts of a Board or Committee Chairperson

Leadership Spiritual Gifts of Board or Committee Chairperson
Ideally in looking for who to appoint as chairperson, we might want someone with leadership gifting. We must, however, understand the possible effects of those spiritual gifts on the board or committee members.

How the Chairperson Might Function Based on Leadership Gifting

The spiritual gift of administration gives the chairperson the ability to organize and coordinate, great qualities to have for that position. Unless possessing other gifts, this person could frustrate members with too much attention to detail, slowing down progress. Being more task-oriented, this person may lack people skills and fail to build a team comradery. Hence, the board or committee feels like they’re bogged down.

The spiritual gift of leadership gives the chairperson the ability to see the possibilities and promote new or innovative ways of getting there. Unless accompanied by other gifts, primarily being an idea person, this chairperson could frustrate members by not sufficiently working through how to implement the vision. Being more goal-oriented, this person may move too fast, incorporating change before people are ready and glossing over process and needed details. Hence, the board or committee feels like they’re in constant flux.

The spiritual gift of pastor gives the chairperson the ability to care for members of the board or committee and build an environment conducive to relationship-building. Unless exercising other gifts, this person, though well-liked, may still frustrate members because so much time gets devoted to relational issues that little time remains to focus on tasks and issues that need attention. Being more people-oriented, this person has a harder time dealing with the big picture. Hence, the board or committee feels like they’re floundering.

Work at Balancing Out the Spiritual Gifts of the Person Who Chairs the Board or Committee

Sometimes the chairperson chosen to lead has a combination of gifts and/or personality strengths that bring the needed balance. Since that isn’t always possible, consider how to help bring more balance.

  1. Appoint co-chairs, each with different leadership gifts, who can work together in ways that enable the board to not only progress, but do so with a well-thought out process, all the while protecting and promoting relationships.
  1. Or, encourage the chairperson to identify the spiritual gifting of team members and then pull on their spiritual gifts,  making a deliberate effort to delegate areas of responsibility for which the chair is not gifted to those who are.

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