Boards, Committees & Ministry Teams Need Focus

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Are the boards, committees, or ministry teams at your church lifeless, organizational entities rather than life-giving organisms? — Then they need focus.

Do they get so consumed in the task at hand or their sphere of ministry that they fail to see the big picture? — Then they need focus.

Does what happens in meetings seem to be a mechanical spinning of wheels without much of anything getting done? — Then they need focus.

What Do Boards, Committees, and Ministry Teams Need to Focus On?

Boards, committees, and ministry teams need to get and maintain the focus that comes from remembering Jesus’ commission to go and make disciples. He did not say:

go and construct or maintain fabulous facilities
go and develop wonderful programs
go and organize every little detail

Great CommissionTo be sure, in making disciples we might need a place to meet, programs that facilitate discipleship, and some organization and coordination that help bring excellence into what we do. And, boards, committees, and ministry teams can help to provide that. However, those particulars are not the end but rather a means to a greater end — that of making disciples who love God so much they seek to obey everything He commands.

If we keep the focus on discipleship, our board, committee, or ministry team meetings become more ministry-oriented and purposeful. As a result, they are more life-giving and lead to a bigger picture. Their objective is ministry, not merely brainstorming great ideas, formulating strategies, developing policies, etc.

The Steering the Church Toward Discipleship Leadership Guide includes what you read here along with some additional thoughts about what it means for Boards, Committees, and Ministry Teams to focus on the Great Commission.

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